Our SEO Services

How we grow your websites traffic

1. Introduction & SEO Audit

To start, we have an introductory meeting in which we aim to understand how SEO can improve your business. This will be followed by an in depth audit SEO Audit that identifies core SEO issues that need addressing, with a very clear plan on how to resolve them and get growing.

2. Strategy & Implementation

The analysis and findings from the SEO Audit are then fed into the strategy, which will ensure any recommendations align with key business goals. Once you're happy with the final output, we will progress to the next key ingredient: implementing all recommendations.

3. Reporting

Reporting may not be the most sexiest of SEO tasks, but we are confident that you'll enjoy tasting the results of our bespoke Strategy. Monthly reports will update you on the impact of our recommendations - including organic traffic and rankings - and any planned tweaks to the strategy.

Today’s digital world is ever-changing and the Sci-Fi movies you watched as a child now seem more real. Gone are the days where having a website was enough, business owners now need to implement an effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy that drives organic traffic and sales.

SEO, which involves using different processes and techniques to improve your website’s visibility in the search engines, allows your business to be found by customers on the first page of search engine results. Now scroll down just a little bit further.

How are you supposed to run a successful business if no one can find it? Scroll are focused on delivering bespoke SEO strategies that allow more prospective customers to discover your brand, increase organic traffic,  and ultimately make your business an online success. Strategies also align with key business goals, ensuring you see growth in the areas that matter.

Every mission needs highly skilled specialists. Scroll’s team of SEO Specialists love SEO and have experience of working across a myriad of niches. They are also adept  in all core areas of SEO: technical, content, on-page and backlinks. Mostly importantly, they have proven track record of delivering results for clients.

It’s time to climb higher in the organic rankings and watch your business grow to new heights, so let’s arrange a call today.

Our SEO Services in Detail

What do the services actually include?

Keyword Research

Research is the key to building an SEO strategy that actually makes sense. It's not just about the highest volume keywords but the highest value. We have processes and the skills to find that.

On Site SEO

Optimising the on page SEO elements are key to telling people (and robots) what your website is targeting. We are experts at everything from page titles to internal links.

Technical SEO Auditing

Technical SEO is the foundation of every website. It goes further than the basics. If your technical is off then you can expect the rest of your site and traffic to suffer.


Why is SEO your only service?

We choose to specialise because we’ve seen that agencies with multiple services will often deliver lower quality in the one service. This is due to a multitude of reasons but essentially we want to deliver one service, and we want to deliver it VERY well.

What size companies do you work with?

Currently, we are very selective with who we work with because we don’t tend to take on more than we can handle. Our current clients take priority over new business. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to company size. We are completely honest if SEO might not be right for your business. We turn away more business than we take on for this exact reason.